Friday, April 3, 2009

Pretzels,Princess and Pizza

I just finished making these homemade pretzels. I got the recipe from a new blog I stumbled upon and they are AMAZING!! Head on over to Finding Joy In My Kitchen.
Look on the left side for more scrumptious recipes!! MMMM!

My Pretty Princess
Has gotten new shoes! Aren't the precious?!?!?!This pizza is AMAZING! I got the recipe for the sauce from recipe for sauce below) and just added my choice of toppings to a premade pizza crust. mmmmmmm! WARNING!!!!!!!
This is the kind of drip-all-the-way-down-to your-elbow-lick-your-fingers type pizza. BEWARE!!!

Here's proof!

Pizza Sauce "recipe" ( i think its too simple to even call it a recipe!!!lol)
1/4 c. seedless raspberry preserves( i used Sugar Free)
1/4 c. your favorite BBQ sauce.
Combine both ingredients and brush over pizza. Add your choice of toppings and your done! (after you bake of course,about 20-25 minutes 350*)

***************Note to self...remove M&m's from under Mikeys plate next time! I swear he's not adding those to his pizza!!!;)*******************************

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Snow White said...

thanks for stopping by! glad you enjoyed making pretzels -- what a fun idea.. bagel pretzels! That pizza looks awesome too!