Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

All week the weatherman said Saturday would be nice out.....warm and sunny. Well, of course Saturday rolls around and I wake up to gray skies and a coool 56 degrees out. Not my idea of great party weather. I jump online and go to to check out the projected forecast...... chances of rain and isolated T-storms.Greeeat! Since we have a car port out front, I was determined to have the party outside still....we were going to grill and bonfire...Anyways,Mikey had a soccer game at 1 so the party started at 5.To make a long story short......the rain stayed away! It was a bit chilly out, but we had a blast.Enjoy the pictures.

This is Zach's "Happy Hat". Isn't that the cutest thing ever...his happy hat.awwwww
Mikey with his Super Soakers from Dave and Selena. Remember those?!?!?! How awesome!!!
Legos, Bakugon and Special Forces Action figures...couldn't get any better for a boy, huh?

Our fire pit( and the borrowed pallets from Mrs. Debbie!!)Tree bark here was just not cutting it!

Kids and cake..what a great combination!
singing Happy Birthday to Mikey( the wind blew the candle out so I re-lit it lol)

Pirates of the Caribbean cake

Selena aka. " Wee-Weena"( that's how Zach says her name) Chopping up the pallet for the fire. I had to get this for an April Fool's so I can put in Dave( her hubby's) body under the ax!!! HAHAHA!

Chris, Uncle Chris, Mikey and Danyel all messing around

"what ma I'm trying to drink. I don't want a picture now. In a minute, ok?"

"Now take it! " HA

Look at him in all his devilish glory!

Brianna aka NaNa( Selena and Dave's daughter) Isn't she precious?!

This is what happens when Uncle Chris pulls the Happy Hat string and snaps it under Bug's chin.

Love this picture!

HA! Got you Brittney( Chris's girlfriend)

Love this one!

Bug's sooo cool!

And in OFFICIAL news.... Hailey's two bottom toofees are coming in. You can seeeeee them!!!!! I cant believe it!!! Shes 5 months today!

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