Friday, April 10, 2009

And this is how my morning begins.........

Remember how I told you that I cant stand my dogs lately??? Well, this is why!
I wake up this morning and come down to cook up some pumpkin pancakes for breakfast......mmmm. Sounds great, right???
Well, my good and happy mood quickly turned sour when I came into the kitchen.All I wanted to do was whip up a homemade breakfast for my boys and I.
But noooooo.......
I had to clean before my eyes were even fully awake and functioning.
At least it wasn't poop this morning, right? Then again, if it was I could have braced myself b/c I would have smelled it before I got out of bed. Ugh! Its a lose-lose situation people.
Five months and 25 days till my love will be home to deal with his Copey dog!(sorry hub, Shelly's mine! She'll probably be a traitor though when you come
In other news.......
Easter Sunday, April 12th, will be my husband and I's SIX year wedding anniversary!!!! It also marks another year that we have been together. The count is married six. together seven.
Look for a special post dedicated to my love on Sunday!( Well maybe tomorrow night so I can spend Easter with my kids)
Im thinking about starting a recipe blog. I have tonssss all over the place so Im thinking I can add them in one place which makes it easier for me but then I can share the recipes as well. What do y'all think? Would you want some recipes???


Anonymous said...

I have 2 cats that do the same thing all the time..... I understand your frustration. My problem is I wanted the cats!!! No one listens when I complain...LOL

And yes I'd love your recipes. I think that is an awesome idea.

Most importantly Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!!

Take care

Aubrey Anne said...

UGGGHHHH! I am SO glad I gave my dogs away, and I can't even TELL YOU how often I feel that way! Dogs are awful! lol Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!