Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ten Pounds Down, Ten To Go!

Wooooooo! I write this morning sooooo stoked!!!!!
I got on the scale and I've officially lost 10 whole pounds!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!

Of course Im not going to tell you just how much I weigh now, but.........maybe in 10 pounds! LOL!

Oh what the heck.......I started off this journey at 180lbs. I'm now 170! My goal is 160 or so.I'm not so much caring about the number as I am looking healthy. I am 5'10" so I don't know if 160 will look sickly on me. I'm going for sexified, not anorexic!

I feel great and honestly, I haven't really exercised( cardio) in probably a month and a half. I've done some resistance bands for my arms, but other then my normal day to day routine, no exercise.

I credit this loss to the these reasons:

  • I stopped snacking after 7. That is HUGE for me because after the kids go to be (830pm) and all my "chores" are done, I sit and plug into the tube and usually relax by eating a snack. Now if I'm absolutely craving a treat a go for peanut butter and apple slices

apples Pictures, Images and Photos or if I'm feeling realllyyy bad, i grab 1 cup full of fat free frozen raspberry yogurt...mmmmm

  • My morning schedule is sooo crazy between getting Mikey ready for school, Zachary and Hailey ready for daycare, breakfast, teeth brushing...blah blah blah that by the time I get home its usually 9. Then, I clean up the mess from the morning craziness and before I know it it's 11. I don't mean to skip breakfast, but to be honest, it usually happens that way.
  • I eat brunch( around 11), have a snack(healthy) around 2, dinner around 5, then my snack at 7.

I can only imagine how much quicker this weight will drop off once I get back into the swing of my treadmill. ugh. I don't know why I'm ignoring it. I always feel superb after I'm done on it.

Any advice on how to beat the treadmill boredom blues????

In other news, Twilight is coming out tomorrow night( at midnight) !!!!!!!!!! Seriously people, if you haven't read the books, you cannot see the movie. The books are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said before.........


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