Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last night was Mikey's first practice! His coaches, Coach Alison and Coach Adam are GREAT!!!! Mikey is wayy excited to be doing soccer again. They don't have the game schedule out yet, but they should in 2 weeks. Mikey's new friend Cody just so happens to be on his team this year, which is great for me because his mom, Jennifer, will be my partner in crime at all games and practices!! I'm glad because she is really cool. It will make the year fly by.( well its actually only two months, but still) Anyways, these pictures are for you lovie. I know you wish you were here to join in in person, but for now, ENJOY these few that I took.( the camera battery died, so I couldn't get more....which is okay because I was chatting away anyways, LOL! ) Pointing to his partner across the way, getting ready to kick to him
My camera wasn't on the "action" setting. At least I hope it wasn't!!!

My buggie all bundled up at socer

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Anonymous said...

It's looks very cold at that soccer practice... Good luck this season!!!

Take Care