Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Blast of Winter????( i hope)

SNOW is in the forecast!!! Can you believe it? Here it is almost April. The weatherman is saying 4-8" in most of the area with a few places hitting one foot!!!!! I can't believe it!

I don't think anyone would choose to get stationed here in good ol' Kansas, but if anyone is thinking about it, please, please re-consider! I have never lived in a place with such crazy extreme weather changes so close together. A few days ago we had tornado sirens going off. Before that, it was 75 out beautiful out. Now.......this:

blizzard Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh joy! At least I'm stocked up on hot cocoa and cool whip! :) That should make the time go by easier! The snow isn't suppose to start until late tonight, so I will have pictures of the boys out having a blast, in the morning!!! Until then!!

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NUGHT said...

wow.... thats a friggin awesome picture of the snow babe, did you take that.... shit i must be rubbing off on you cause thats anyways make the boys play out in the snow until they cry then let them in... its good for them to push their limits why having fun... if you play your cards right you can tire them out in the afternoon and they should zonk right out tonight so that mommy can have some mommy time.... i love you and miss you and cant wait to see you again.... oh ps i tried to call..... you must have been out with the boys... sorry... maybe next time huh... HUB OUT....