Friday, March 6, 2009


Here they list form.Why, you ask??? Honestly, because I feel like freaking writing a book today. That's why. It's easy to get my thoughts together in list form! ( Thanks mom) :)

1. Why the heck are my hand and feet almost literally as cold as ice??? It's suppose to be 71 degrees today. It's 60 out right now and yet somehow I'm still freezing!(and just to make it clear, I am dressed normally. I'm not walking around in skirts and sandals and tank tops...just thought I'd throw that in.)
2. I have no clue what I did with my Dad's number. Terrible, I know. Ever since I shut the cell off and I can't just hit the "Dad Home" or "Dad Cell" icon, I've been screwed. Ugh.
3. I cannot for the life of me figure out this guy who works at the front desk at the CDC. Does he like me, hate me, wishes he didn't have to deal with me? Some days I can't tell. Maybe it's not me. Maybe he's bipolar. Maybe he's not. Maybe he just doesn't like that I was trying to explain that I'd like to pre pay for this month (but i didn't use the words"pre-pay") and he was confused as hell about what I was talking about when I said I'd like to pay for the hours I will be using after I use up all of my free hours this month. Maybe I am the only one who understood what I meant. Maybe I just don't care what him and his little spiky hair think!
4. I want to seriously beat my dogs. I mean they act like they are never fed.They are digging in the garbage at night and spreading the half full trash, everywhere!!!!!!! I hate that I have to close the kitchen door at night to keep them at bay!
5. I hate that my husband has 7 more months left till he's home.
6. I'm beyond worrying about taking Zachary to the doctor because he says his head hurts. It's not like he's been running into walls people.( well when he was little, his head was like a walking bulls eye,lol) No matter where, when or how he fell, he always landed on his little noggin. I hope all those times haven't finally caught up with his little self. UGH.
7. I really don't feel like cleaning my house right now!( GASP!!! Did I, the self proclaimed lover of cleaning, just say that???) Hell must be freezing over...hahaha and from the temperature of my STILL freezing hands and feet, it just may be!!!

UGH. That's it...for now. I'm really not that cranky. A bit, maybe. I just needed to clear out some baggage in the mind/heart department. Great! Now i have more room for more baggage to creep on in!!! HA! Till later~

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