Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me,Cereal and Rooms

Here's a picture I took of me, today. I sent it to my love. I hate how I look in 99% of the pictures I take, but I love this one!!! What do you all think? Hailey had her first baby cereal yesterday.

mmmmmmm she likey :)
hahahahaha poor thing. i knew it was too good to be true that she was doin so well with it! hahahaha
Zachary's room. Yes, I now realize he as no pants on! hahaha New lamp, shelf,poster
Mikey spent hours on his new leggo thing and he finanlly got it together

his new lamp..it has a whistle on the on/off switch!!!
new poster, decals and shelf


Infantry Dad said...

The kids are beautiful, and so are you.
I especially like the picture of you and your hubby. You look so happy together.
Before yo know it this deployment will be over, and you'll be back together.
Like what you did with the rooms.

The Mrs. said...

oh how nice it must be to have pink admist all that blue! I'm jealous : )

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Oh man, my boys would kill for that Star Wars poster!

Love the self portrait!

Rudy said...

Between his 2nd and 3rd tour, my son managed to make me the gramps of a little premie girl.

When the big deployment starts in Afg. the 3rd ACR 2nd Battalion will be one of the first new units to arrive. That's the fight he wants too.