Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Trouble Seeking Bug and........A pretty Smiling Princess

So, as you all know, Zachary boycotts naps in the afternoon and hasn't taken them for, oh, probably 6 months or so. Sometimes he will doze off but its unlikely.When he does( no matter what time) I let him sleep..........BOY did I pay the price for it last night!!!!!
He was a wild man allll day long. Not a bit of sleepiness in the child.None. Zilp. Zich. NADA! Then at about 4:30 pm...while I was making dinner, I went up to check on the all to quiet( which means hes getting into something he shouldn't) child. And what do my eyes see?????????
yup..... you guessed it...a sleeping Zachary!!! UGH. While I was cooking, he fell asleep. Since he was raising cane all day, honestly, I could have used a break...so I let him sleep. He ended up waking up at 6:30. Needless to say, after dinner and a bath and some quiet time he was still not ready to settle his little self enough to sleep. I let him stay up( quietly watching TV on his bottom bunk...Mikey was up top already fast asleep) till about 10:30 when I went to bed. I walked to the bathroom down the end of the hall and this............. is what I find!!!! Zachary had gotten into my make-up( the $100 worth of Almay collection I SPLURGED on myself when my other make up was gone)What you see on his lovely face is my EMERALD GREEN mascara. yup...even on his teeth. UGH. I was soooooo mad and explained..not yelled...how he isn't a girl and that make-up isn't for boys and that its mommy's...on and on.My hubby came up( who has been home on R&R) came upstairs after letting the dogs in for the night and busted out laughing!!! As soon as he did that, I couldn't help myself. He was tooo freaking cute standing there looking all proud of himself. Needless to say....I will be pushing the nap issue for a bit. At least till the memory of my $100 down the drain fades away!!!

NOW, onto some pictures of the newest pinkie child......and yes, she is actually really smiling in some of these.( shes starting to do baby talk too) :) She will be 6 WEEKS tomorrow!!!!!


HAHA this is size 0-6 months and shes swimming in it! LOL. Isnt it pretty??? Daddy bought it for her! AWWWW. i think he has a new pnkie too!( but he will never admit it)

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