Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smart Start ........or not!

Tonight was the first night of Smart Start for Zachary. Its a 6 week course ..2 weeks each of basketball, baseball and golf. Tonight was basketball. Well, it was a lot harder then i thought for both me and zachary. Hailey was fussy and wanted to be held and the class encourages parents to teach their child....very tricky. I felt like a huge loser for not being able to help as much as i would have liked to....ahhh if only the hub was here....this is right up his alley and I have a feeling that Zachary would have paid more attention....which brings me to my next issue..........Zachary has the attention span of a 3 year old and is wayyyy stubborn. I tried helping him and showing him what to do( dribble and shoot etc) but he flat out refused and began to run around the gym. UGH! He did however focus enough to make some shots. Impressed, I am...sort of. See,the boys have a mini b-ball hoop in their room and they practice every day on it.LOL.Its like a knife in my heart becauseI know that if Michael was here, Zachary would do a lot better. im tempted to give up. is he too young to actually learn and pay attention???? Am i doing something wrong ? Have I not taught him something? hhhhhhhhmmmmm. Good thing its only once a week..and maybe he will do better with T-ball or golf...he loves golf( just like his daddy)

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