Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Did it!

treadmill Pictures, Images and Photos ( a bit faster is my goal LOL)

Ive always wanted to be able to run. I'm not talking about running for my life or chasing the dog. I want to run for my health.
Ive recently signed the kids up for CDC ( child development center) here on post. Since my husband is deployed ( for 8 more months) I get 16 hours per child of free daycare. My advice for anyone looking to use a CDC.......don't sign up in the middle of the month and expect regular, daily childcare to be available ASAP. Not for that month or the following month. I'm using hourly care since they are only going so that I can gt in some " me" time at the gym. At the CDC here, every 1st of the month they put out a blank calender and hand it out to everyone wanting hours. the calender is for the current month and the following. Its pretty simple. Fill in the days and times you want and turn it in to the little mailbox looking thing and in 24 hours or so, you can pick up your handy dandy little calenders with approved ( or NOT ) days and times to bring your children. Easy, right????
Well, NO! Not by a long shot. I signed up January 12th or so.Mid month, so the calenders for January AND February were already out...for 2 weeks. The center does a "first calender in, first times approved" sorta thing, so needless to say,i had slim pickings. Here on post they only have 1 CDC the does hourly care. To me that's the stupidest thing Ive ever heard....especially since I cannot get hardly any consistent hours.( and I'm sure I'm not the only one) That, to me, means that there is a HIGH demand for hourly. ( since all the spots are filled) Now here's the kicker....wait for it..........wait for it.................................................

There has been 2...count them...TWO brand spankin new daycare centers that have just opened. I went to CYS (child and youth services) to see if they had any hourly openings in these new centers. What do you think I got for a response?
" Well, at both these centers we are only at 50% capacity and in order to even think about doing the hourly care program we need to reach our maximum capacity."


To me, the smart thing to do ,since there is such high demand for hourly daycare, would be to use the remaining spots as hourly ones. There are a bunch of other centers that do regular, part day or full day daycare.

Anyways....i got side-tracked from my original point--------
Ive always wanted to run. Well, since there's all that drama signing the kids up for 2 hours a day, I decided that I needed to stick to a regular workout. So guess what I did????
I hauled my huge, heavy treadmill in ( ALL BY MYSELF ) from the shed. I even carried it..well more like dragged it, down the stairs in its own little corner. That way i can BLAST my music when the kids are sleeping upstairs( we have a tri-level house on post ) and they wont wake up.
I soo need uplifting,fast paced music to tread to! I found this awesome program for my treadmill on Its great and i did it. i actually ran at points during the workout!!!! wooooooooooooooo!! It felt great. it was a 30 minute workout, but when i was done I totally felt I could do more. GO ME!!! I'm going to try to do longer runs today.

See, I want to be healthy, but I also want to have a bikini ready belly too. Its been far too long since Ive dared wear one and i always feel like I'm missing out.Not just on the 2 piece but on that feeling of feeling Fabulous about my body.When the hubby comes home for good in October ( God willing ) I have a surprised planned...cant go into details on here.( he reads the blog from Iraq ) I probably shouldn't even have said anything about there even being a surprise, but oh well. (he can try to get it out of me later) :)

Wish me luck on my quest to get SeXY and healthy!!!!
If anyone has any favorite exercises or workout/diet tips, feel free to share. Id love to get some inside tips !

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The Mrs. said...

ah working out. I'm impressed. I find it impossible to get on the treadmill when im going solo. Its impossible to get on and get going without someone needing something. And by the time they are in bed and night I'm beat (they are non nappers! so its a long day). When its warm here I take the double wagon to the walking park and the walk for a bit and then I bribe them with popsicles so that I can load them up and get some serious walking. Plus pulling them turns it into a good work out. But with all this snow, its a no go.

At least we dont live closer so I cant tempt you with cake.