Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun!

The Princess in her little christmas suit Mimi bought her Buggies cool Spiderman jammies from Pop and Ding

Mikey has wanted Blendy Pens FOREVER...i mean yearssss people!! Santa finanlly nust have gotten the hint! :)
I think Santa must have robbed a toystore on the way here....
Zachary decided to dump ALL of the sprinkles we owned onto his gingerbread cookie( part of the roof) I HAD to get a picture of it! Look at Bugs FACE!!!! hahahaha AWESOME!
Look at the concentration ......:)
The finished Product( for all of 3 seconds before they tore it down to eat it!!!)
AWWWWW! The constructors at their finest!!!!

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Aubrey Anne said...

Awww!!! You got your hubby home for Christmas!!!!!!! Did he LOVE IT??? Oh my, you must be so happy. :) Miss you guys!!!