Monday, November 10, 2008

A n Awesome Grandpa rests with the Angels Tonight.

Where to begin. I just got a phone call from my mom confirming that my grandpa has passed away. He has had many heart problems and diabetes for a longgg time.He's underwent triple bypass surgeries, a brain surgery, countless strokes and heart attacks......for as long as I can remember. This never slowed him down though. He was always on the go and loved finding a great deal or something for free. My mom and I would joke all the time that he wasted more gas traveling all over tarnation to get one thing free. He was so funny for an old guy. seriously people. I don't think Ive ever met a funnier old dude in my life. I just cannot believe he's gone. I guess we all knew that this day was coming sooner or later, we just all hoped later.

I'm having a hard time because my rock isn't here to hold me up right now. I'm trying to be as strong as i can be. not only for my kids, but my mom. I cant imagine what shes going through. Well, yes i can. if it was my mom or dad who died...well. there ya go.

Its probably been about 2 years since I last saw him. It was for Christmas and we had a good time visiting. I'm glad that he didn't feel any pain when he left this world. He was too sweet of a man to have deal with that. I'm struggling because I need to be there for the funeral but I'm due in 2 weeks and cant fly. even if i could, i cannot afford to fly down there. Heck, i cant even afford the gas to drive to FL. I need to be there for my mom and grandma. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe if I can talk to my hubby he will have a better suggestion. For now, I will wait till my mom is ready to talk about preparations. I have only one picture of him and its from the last time we saw him...almost 2 years ago. (sorry for the glare..its a picture of the picture, but you can still see his lovely face)

Take care everyone and as with all loss, remember that every day is a gift and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. tell your loved ones and more importantly SHOW them what they mean to you.
Pop'l will be missed and will forever be in our hearts. I love you!


The Mrs. said...

your family, especially you and your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers. hang in there

Deanna said...

hey darlin

beautiful pic, i love the flash of light, very appropriate. your feelings for your grandpa come through very strongly, he sound like a really great guy. It's hard to lose those you love, my sis is at that point right now, she has been battling cancer for 11 years now and it's finally taken over, she's tired and ready to go.Can't wish her to linger, she's had enough and is ready to great her son who she lost 15 years ago. hang in there babe.

Sounds like Mike is having a hard time, can you talk about it? i'm concerned about him.

Love you all