Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its Time for a change and BOY is one Coming!!!!

MAN!!!! This Obama thing is not good, i feel it in me bones! lol. I had a feeling he'd win, because he was more popular then McCain with the younger generation. He good-looking and well spoken....AND offered a change.

I like him at first, but wayyyyyy back, michael's buddy from his first duty station wrote up this thing on Obama and said that he would "destroy us from the inside out" after i read that( along with his facts to back it up) I started to change my view of him. Not totally, but enough. Then there came the day with him and his "preacher" . That whole issue ALONE should be a red flag, but we Amercians are just so hepped up on believeing he will actually change things for the better, that we ignore the MANY signs that he is already lacking .

I'm not going to make this long, but there's my opinion. Like it or lump it. We have no choice now except to hang on for dear life!

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