Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok I just got back from my doctor and my blood pressure was good...133/76. that means the meds are working. Ive put on 3.6 more pounds since last visit and that puts me at a whopping 15.6 lb. gain this pregnancy!! I chalk that up to the fact that in the first few months all i craved was corn on the cob and other that had to have helped. I gained 25+ lbs. with Mikey and Zachary. Needless to say I'm beyond thrilled that Ive gained a little more then half that with our little bugger!!!!!!

Now..onto the news I know you have all been dying for.......

I'm 2 cm dilated and am thinning. My doctor says that she doesn't think I will go into "spontaneous labor" anytime soon.


Now while I am seriously wishing this pregnancy to be done with already, I have 2 more weeks till my mom flys in. It would seriously not be a good thing if I went before she even got here. I hate to inconvenience anyone with having to watch my boys for a longgg time, but don't feel bad if i stick um with grandma.....aka MIMI. So I'm stoked that she seems to think I will be able to make it to my induction day of the 26th!!! (she said that im low on the totem pole as far as priority goes b/c I'm considered a "social" induction not a medical one...but that I will def. be induced sometime that day/night)
She also said that Hailey wont be as big as the boys were, but in her words "shes not gonna be a scrawny one either" hahahahahahha. I laughed soo hard when she said it. Leave it to my little girl to be a tough one...shes gonna need it to keep up with Zachary

Anyways, I go back on the 24th for a check-up and shes going to strip my membranes, hoping labor will start on its own..we'll see. So now everyone can relax a bit( me included)!!!!
I will let you all know if anything between now and then happens....

Oh and I wanna know......who's guess is closet to haileys actual birth weight.......leave a comment and let me know!!


Aubrey Anne said...

Yay!! This is all very good news! :) I'm so excited for you, Jen! :)

Jesse said...

7 lb 4oz is my guess, I love ya and best of luck. Jesse McNeil