Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Im Feeling Better far!

WOOOOHOOOOO!! Isn't that just great news???? Hopefully it sticks around!
In other news.....its October 1st!!! Can you believe it? 30 more days till Halloween and counting!!! And how about this weather?!?!?!?! It's amazing out! A bit chippy but it makes me want to get bundled up in warm sweaters and drink hot cocoa! I had a bowl of very warm and tasty blueberry oatmeal for breakfast this morning. It warmed me from the inside yummy!

Mikey's field trip to the pumpkin patch is tomorrow and my friend Sarah said we can borrow her camera so I can get pictures since ours has seemingly bit the dust!!! (thanks tons chick) So i won't be on tomorrow, but will hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow night!!!

That's all for now. Enjoy October 1st!!!

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Aubrey Anne said...

So glad you're feeling better! I talked to Lisa and she says she'll call when she's getting close tonight. I'm supposed to call you when she calls me so you can come over to my house and see her... if you're up for it! I think she's bringing the kids over too. I'll let you know!

Tell Zachary only one more day and then he's stuck with MEEEEEE! muahahaha