Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So as most of you know, I had my regular check-up at the doctors today......I told her I was worried about who was going to watch my boys while I would be having Hailey since its soo " OK I'm in labor now" and that made it hard for me to plan anything with my neighbor........and she said that I can be induced..NOV 26th! Yes yes, the day before thanksgiving! lol. i might even have her ON thanksgiving.Its only 1 week before my due date, but I'm glad. That's only 5 weeks away people!!! woohooooo. I just heard from hub yesterday so it might be a day or two till I get to tell him the news...he's gonna be sad that he cant be here. I think its really gonna hurt him...but hes a fighter and he will be ok.

Anyways, I have Mikey's conference at school tomorrow morning. 8-820 am. We shall see how my little angel is I will update tomorrow!

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Aubrey Anne said...

YAY!!!! Congrats!! :) I was induced with both my kids, and overall it went really well!! I'm so glad you'll be able to plan for it. And 5 WEEKS!!! That's so soon!!!