Tuesday, October 7, 2008

......And They LOST

So tonight was Mikey's soccer picture night AND he had a game right after. The pictures were at 6 and his game 630. Well, right after the pictures the other teams game hadn't finished. so what would u think the kids would do??? yea...run around. They got all their little energies out and then were expected to play. WRONG!!! They stunk!!! (that's actually an understatement) I don't know how many times they ran towards their own goal and tried to score. They were falling over each other and it was terrible. This was the first game they've lost ALL SEASON! :*( Oh well, can't win um all, right?!?!

On the plus side...pictures will be here soon...well by Nov 12Th. I cant wait to see them and send some to my love. I know he's gonna LOVE to have them.

Also, my friend Aubrey has gotten me totally HOOKED on the book Twilight. Its the first in a series of 4 and its amazing. I haven't really read in a long time but use to love to and I cannot believe how much Ive missed it. All i want to do is keep reading.(of course this doesn't happen. Housework. Homework. Dinner. Laundry. "Mom he's hitting me." You get the point) but I'm WAYYYYY to sucked in. (no pun intended.) :)

Well, till tomorrow. Hopefully I will have heard from my love by then, but we shall see!!!!!

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