Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Misbehavin' Mikey

Today Mikey got his first yellow card for his behavior.
Green: Great job
Yellow: Try harder next time
Red: Not a good day...note goes home
I knew the second he came out of school for the day that something was wrong. He was wayyyy quiet and that's not like him....especially after school. I just assumed he was tired and let it go. (i TOTALLY didn't expect him to get anything other then green)When we got home and after he calmed down a bit from seeing shelly, he busted out the folder. He started crying and saying that I was mad at him( which I'm not) and that he was bad. I told him that everyone has bad days once in a while and asked him what happened. He said that him and a girl named Julian were snapping their fingers and miss Strohmeyer asked them to stop and they didn't so that's why he had to pull a yellow(warning) card. I told him that he just has to follow the rules and try harder tomorrow. (its a new day I told him) He wiped his little eyes and said he'd try harder tomorrow.
we'll see how that goes..I'm sure my little angel boy will do GREAT tomorrow!!!!
ps-sorry about the quality...its from my cell camera, the digital is charging as we speak!!!

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