Saturday, September 27, 2008


So Mikey had another game today and they won. (5-4) Mikey did really good, but didn't score any goals. I charged the camera overnight and had it at the game, but somethings wrong with it. Its acting like it hasnt been charged and shuts off as soon as I turn it we are gonna try to get new rechargable batteries for it or regular batteries or we are going to have to get a new camera when hub leaves......Im WAY BUMMED cuz I wanted to take a whole bunch of family pictures before hubby leaves, but now thats not going to happen. Thats the story of my life......I really crabby now and tired and cold but I made myself a rootbeer float anyways...Im nuts I know. Anyways, I will update when theres more.

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Aubrey Anne said...

I'm sorry about your camera!!! If you want me to take some pictures of you guys, just let me know!!